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SBG Custom Katana and the Black Dragon Forge BLOG: February 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A price drop!!!! ACROSS THE BOARD!

Its not often that a price break follows on the heels of an increase - but this is SBG, by now you should be expecting the unexpected as a matter of course.

So how is this for good news - our agent has relocated operations to the USA, resulting in some significant price breaks for us - which in true SBG tradition we have immediately and retroactively passed on to you!

Anyway, enjoy the new prices - we will be passing on partial refunds to everyone who ordered a custom katana from this most recently opened batch and have them all wrapped up within the next 24 hours, so please bear with us as we spread the good news around and do our bit to help the sword collectors dollar go just that bit further...