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SBG Custom Katana and the Black Dragon Forge BLOG: July 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

And Batch 20 is officially closed!

That's it guys, batch 20 is now officially closed and my assistant Karyn and I will be going over all the orders in the next couple of days, tying up any loose ends and then getting the instructions to the forge.

I will email everyone who ordered soon afterwards, in the meantime - great to see so many new and original designs.

Once we have the forge running again I'll be focusing 100% on getting the batch 19 orders to everyone (they are still in transit at the moment) so hope you can all bear with me.

Thanks again,

- Paul

The last 15 hours...

Ok guys, as you may have noticed the countdown clock for closing batch 20 is nearly up.

To date, orders have been nice and smooth and we should be able to batch everything up within 2-3 days after we stop taking new orders. However, as the clock is literally ticking, any orders placed in this last period need to be pretty well thought out - in the first few days of order taking we can (and have) made quite a few changes to individual orders, but now that it's nearly time to batch - and we DON'T make any changes once we submit your design to the forge - if you are planning on a last minute order, please make sure your design is 100% correct and well thought out.

You shouldn't rush, if you feel the need to rush 'something' in I strongly suggest you instead hold off until batch 21..

I'll post again soon after the batch closes, but yes - until then, please don't rush!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Batch 20 now open!

Yup, it's official - Batch 20 has just opened up for new orders and as I want this to be a tight, short run we have already scheduled to close it off on the 15th of July. In the meantime, I've just created a basic batch overview page where you can see at a glance where each batch is up to. Lot's of emails and work to do as the orders for this batch come in - as we are working on tightening our shipment schedules I may end this batch early or slow it down and pause it for a day or two if orders overheat, but in the meantime stay tuned and I'll try to update you all here accordingly! - Paul

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Batch 20 opens THIS weekend!

Hi everyone!

I'm pleased to advise that with batch 19 now officially on the way from the forge to my agent that we will officially start taking new orders on Batch 20 Starting THIS WEEKEND!

I've got quite a few emails to sort through from people inquiring about this upcoming batch, so if you are waiting on a reply from me please hold on just a little bit longer and I'll get to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, here's a few more pics of batch 19 that the forge snapped for me before they shipped them out.
Swords in 'socks' to protect the sayas while prepping
T10 blades with natural hamon
The 'Black Dragons' - with and without bo-hi

I'll try to keep everyone posted, but in the meantime - stand by!

Talk to you all again soon.

- Paul